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Why Use a Port Coquitlam Property Management Company?

Keeping a non-principle property up to your high standards, especially in your absence, is a commitment requiring time, market and legal knowledge, tenant relations, and judgment. A Port Coquitlam property manager takes the anxiety out of the process and makes investment ownership effortless.

A Port Coquitlam Property Management Company maintains your investment. They help to reduce your risk and give you peace of mind.

Hiring a Port Coquitlam Property Manager is to Your Benefit

Whether you are an individual investor or own multiple properties, Port Coquitlam property manager MacPherson Real Estate will properly assess tenant qualifications, convey the ever-changing landlord and tenant legislation, and closely follow local market trends that ultimately affect your investment.

MacPherson Real Estate provides the connection between the landlord and the tenant. We interview the tenants and qualify them to make sure they are a suitable choice for your investment. We take care of the payments and make the process of bring a landlord easier. We handle the paperwork and deal with tenancy issues according the Residential Tenancy Act.

MacPherson Real Estate maintains your property

When issues arise, MacPherson Real Estate relies on local certified contractors to repair the property. We only use contractors we have established relationships with to remedy the problem.

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