Commercial Real Estate Agent | Commercial Property Leasing & Property Management in Vancouver

Whether you are a local investor or based abroad MacPherson is your commercial real estate agent partner that will help achieve your goals of income, occupancy, and increased long-term value.

We offer you the unparalleled industry experience and interpersonal skills needed to establish a solid business reputation and to handle the complex demands of the commercial market.

For your commercial portfolio MacPherson Real Estate will:

Administration and Commercial Leasing / Property Management

  • Identify, understand, and incorporate your investment objectives in all areas of service delivery.
  • Construct a management plan that: a) reflects present and future business opportunities and economic cycles and b) offers flexibility for contingencies and market fluctuations.
  • Apply local and regional market assessments to the development of ongoing investment plans and activities.

Commercial Leasing / Property Tenant Services

  • Manage all legal aspects of the landlord / tenant relationship.
  • Oversee tenant relations including addressing concerns, fielding inquiries, conducting viewings, screening applicants.
  • Negotiate contracts in accordance with your investment objectives.
  • Perform commerical real estate lease management functions including contract terms, renewals, and turnover.
  • Regularly liaise with tenants regarding questions, concerns, and other relevant matters.
  • Manage the collection of rents and fees on your behalf.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency contact and care.

Financial Services for Commercial Properties

  • Prepare and deliver regular accounting and financial reporting activities including budgets, forecasts, and income and expense analyses.
  • Handle payables including building staff salaries, non-tenant utility costs, fees for contract services, supplies, and equipment plus advertising and management expenses.
  • Conduct ongoing assessments of the value of your property.
  • Administer tenant charge backs.

Marketing of your Commercial Property

  • Implement programs that maintain occupancy levels.
  • Research, develop, and execute cost effective strategies that reach qualified tenant markets.
  • Work in collaboration with industry colleagues to expand tenant searches.

Commercial Real Estate Property Management & Maintenance

  • Oversee the physical condition of your property.
  • Conduct regular commercial real estate property maintenance including housekeeping, exterior appearance, interior presentation, and roof condition.
  • Regularly monitor building systems including fire alarms, elevators, and emergency plans and procedures.
  • Arrange and oversee the necessary repairs, maintenance, and contractual services required to maintain the value of your property.

"I recently had the pleasure to work with Rob MacPherson on some commercial real estate we had purchased for redevelopment and I was extremely pleased with his services. We needed someone to immediately take over the management of the building after our possession had taken place, and we were referred to Rob MacPherson. He immediately took charge of the tenants and the building and kept the building producing income and functioning during our redevelopment process. The tenants were all eventually relocated and the building's demolition was granted. We were very pleased with Rob's service and ability to take charge and we would highly recommend him to anyone needing management for commercial holdings."

Tim Kreoker, Real Estate Developer


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