Real Estate Rental Management in Vancouver

The profits of residential building ownership are only as positive as the management, service, and care put into the investment.

A professional property manager is your best choice for overseeing the specialized services required to generate income from your building and guide its long-term value.

As specialists in managing and leasing apartment buildings, you can confidently expect MacPherson Real Estate to:

Administration of Your Property

  • Evaluate your property, including potential income estimates.
  • Obtain and oversee the completion of all necessary documents including leases and inspection reports.
  • Review and process non-resident submissions.
  • Liaise with caretaker and administer and supervise tasks and responsibilities assigned to employees.

Property Rental Tenant Services

  • Oversee tenant services including fielding inquiries and showing suites to prospective tenants.
  • Conduct thorough applicant screening through credit reports and reference histories.
  • Coordinate all tenant move in plans and procedures.
  • Coordinate all tenant matters and convey the ever-changing landlord and tenant legislation.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency contact and care.

Property Management Financial Services

  • Collect and record all income and expenses using "trust accounting" procedures.
  • Oversee the payment of expenses.
  • Provide monthly income and expense statements.
  • Extend preferred rates on some property expenses.

Marketing Your Property in the Vancouver Real Estate Market

  • Develop and implement targeted strategies to market your property.
  • Work in collaboration with industry colleagues to expand tenant searches.

Property Maintenance

  • Oversee the physical condition of the property.
  • Conduct regular maintenance including housekeeping, exterior appearance, interior presentation, and roof condition.
  • Arrange repairs, maintenance, and contractual services required to retain the operation and value of the property.
  • Purchase equipment and supplies deemed necessary to maintain the value of the property.
  • Regularly monitor building systems including fire alarms, elevators, and emergency plans and procedures.
  • Arrange and supervise the necessary repairs, maintenance, and contractual services required to maintain the value of the property.

"Rob MacPherson has been the property manager of our apartment building in White Rock since 1994. He continues to do an excellent job representing the owners to the caretaker, tenants, and contractors.  There are many long-term tenants living here due in large part to Rob's ongoing competency as a property manager. He is a knowledgeable & experienced professional."

N. Goldstein, Dimensions Holdings Inc.


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